'Network Visibility Overlay' Webinar

The need for network security tools won't be going away any time soon. And with as much as 10-15% of the IT budget allocated to security and monitoring products, it's not enough to choose great products; you will need a visibility overlay to ensure the success of all tools across multiple departments.

The Visibility Overlay, simply put, is your SPAN, TAP and Packet Broker Strategy. In this Free LiveWebinar, we will discuss how to build your Visibility Overlay in order to:

  • - Optimize existing security and performance monitoring tools
  • - Reduce future hardware and maintenance costs
  • - Extend the life of legacy tools
  • - Eliminate network blind spots
  • - Reduce tool complexity and management costs

'VoIP/UC Troubleshooting & Analysis' Webinar

VoIP has swiftly become the voice application on which all levels of organizations rely, but the ever-growing pressure on VoIP to handle vast amounts of data between the corporate networks and the internet can cause problems. Find out how to solve the root causes.

Learn to troubleshoot & monitor problems, allowing operators to clearly map and identify the root causes of VoIP/UC issues in order to:

  • - Recognize the different causes of speech quality problems
  • - Optimally deploy and/or expand VoIP applications
  • Ensure and maintain call quality & availablility
  • Instantly identify the reasons for failed/dropped calls
  • Collate all available data into one simple interface ready for proactive response